About Kappboom

We strongly believe that games should not "waste your time." Instead, games should offer you real value in real life. Our vision is to change the gaming industry and require future games to have practical value in real life to remain competitive. Here at Kappboom, all of our applications and games have strong social impact and have reached top 1 overall on iOS and Android. We're well funded and profitable, so our runway doesn't end while we continue to build great games and applications for millions upon millions of people.

Team And Talent

Teamwork and talent are very important to us. Our team has put together clusters of servers all around the world. These server clusters are fine-tuned and monitored non-stop with 24/7 support. We also have become experts in fast-paced development and prototyping. In fact, we deploy several times daily. We encourage one another to challenge ourselves to grow and to become experts. We're also proud to be a lean and scrappy company.

History And Status

Kappboom was founded in 2009. We've set up headquarters in Milpitas along with remote offices in Fresno (USA), Montreal (Canada) and Shanghai (China). We currently handle over 5 billion server requests per month to our server clusters composed of over 70 servers all around the world (North America: Ashburn, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, LA, New York, San Jose, Seattle, Montreal; Europe: Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Paris; Australia: Sydney; Asia: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore).

Principles And Culture

In a nutshell, we adhere to "not sucking" standards. That means we strive to produce the highest quality games and applications as we keep rapid prototyping in mind.


Here at Kappboom, besides working smart and hard, we also play hard. Around our open space are bean bags with Nintendo DS/3DS. Along the wall is a LED flatscreen TV hooked up to a PS3 and Wii. We regularly play Railscasts, WWDC videos, Pandora, TwitchTV, YouTube, and the GSL (Starcraft 2). We also have health magazines and iPads for casual reading, and a plethora of healty snacks and drinks ranging from healthy granola bars to chips and coffee to green tea. There is no bureaucracy here. In fact, the founder and CEO writes software side by side with our engineers.


Goals And Aspirations

Our aspiration is to continue making mobile games fun and worth your time. For our company internally, we strive to create a fun, inspiring, and rewarding work environment.


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  • Server Engineers
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